What Size Tires Do I Need For My Car

Front 23555r17 back 24555r17 or front 24550r17 back 24560r17 or front 24550r17 back 24555r17 not looking to change wheels just tires. Car came with 23555r17 the same size front and back pressure in front at 32 in back at 38.

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Hello i have a 2005 bmw x3 30l.

What size tires do i need for my car.

Hidavid mccabefor your carif the original wheel size is 20it means the wheel diameter suspension is higher than 18butis that must be to change back to 20 rimsit also effected by tire sizeyou can image thatfor 20 rimsthe tire height must be low to keep from scrubingbut for 18wheelsif the tire height higher than 20the eventully height will be samesocan you show me your.
I would like to change it to a staggered configuration and was thinking of the following.

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