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Details are available here and herewhat might be possible if you can sign up to this service is to just schedule a ride an hour from now if you cant find any cars available. The depiction of cars on the uber app is meant to convey a simulated portrayal of supply and demand in real time.

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There were 2 zones of 12 boost and a small patch of 12 surge.

Uber no cars available.

They prolly just didnt order the ride when it said no cars available in my area often there are no xls available i ordered an xl a few times just to see what happens and it tries to find a ride for a few minutes and cant and then it surges.
Fortunately if you dont have your own car youve got lots of options through uber to rent hourlyweekly or lease monthly with no commitment and theyve made it available to all credit scores you dont even need a credit card.
No car is available posted by golfer on 72614 at 207 am to giantkiller was able to get one at 130 or so.

Want to drive with uber but dont have a car.
Check out car options offered by our partners and find a vehicle solution thats right for you.
He said he had been on the clock since 8pm and we were his 17th ride for the night.

When i look at the right around it says no cars available or that the nearest car is 7 minutes away but i am right here.
It is currently surging at 35x.
Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by third parties.

After like 3 minutes of not being able to find someone it goes to like 18 22.
Offers are subject to change and may not be available in your country region or city.
At 846 this morning i was seeing 1 car available in all of san francisco.

Why your uber app is lying to you about available cars.
Meanwhile pax were getting no car available messages or extended etas.
No car is available posted by ghostfacedistiller on 72514 at 932 pm to giantkiller i had the same thread tuesdsy.

Uber is about to launch a scheduled rides service.
I cant stop watching the cars move around but yes nothing right now.
I am sitting at the providence amtrak station waiting for a ping.

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