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The texas lemon law typically only applies to new vehicles. Even your used car may be covered under some circumstances.

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The texas lemon law statute can help a consumer get the vehicle repurchased replaced or repaired.

Car lemon law texas.

Texas consumers with lemon vehicles may be protected under either the texas lemon law the magnuson moss warranty act the federal lemon law or bothremedies may include refund replacement or cash compensation such as diminished value andor incidental and consequential damages.
The first question asked is whether the texas lemon law applies to pre own or used car cases.
We have successfully handled thousands of lemon law cases.

Travel trailers are also covered if they are titled and registered in the state of texas.
It can be less complicated and less expensive.
We settle your texas lemon law claim fast and maximize your gain.

However consumers in texas may use the federal magnuson moss warranty act to provide them with relief for the purchase of any used car truck suv or other consumer product.
Firm started by former car manufacturers attorneys.
Like virtually every other state texas has a consumer protection law or lemon law designed to protect car buyers from chronically malfunctioning new vehicleswhile it wont turn a sour car into a sweet one it does offer financial protections for the consumer.

Where the texas lemon law applies.
Unfortunately the short answer to that question is that generally the texas lemon law does not include used vehicles.
Our firm was started by attorneys who used to defend one of detroits big 3 car manufacturers from lemon law claims since 1997.

Each state is unique with its own set of rules and regulations.
The texas lemon law has 3 tests for qualification.
Texas lemon law rights introduction.

4 times test serious safety hazard test and 30 days test.
As a lemon law practice in dallas texas my office receive calls from potential clients with used or pre owned lemon cars very often.
The texas lemon law applies to cars trucks motorcycles motor homes and all terrain vehicles as well as demonstrator vehicles and even some boats.

The texas lemon law is a state law that helps consumers who buy or lease new motor vehicles and have repeated problems getting their vehicles properly repaired.
If texas consumers seek to file a case under the texas lemon law alleging a substantial defects with hisher motor vehicle they are required to comply with the statutory provisions under chapter 2301 subchapter m of the texas occupations code.

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